Weekly and Seasonal Menus

Hi! How were your Chinese New Year holidays? Hope you had a good and fun time! We went to Malaysia over the weekend and came back last night after celebrating the New Year with relatives and friends, and of course, doing the typical bouts of shopping and eating.

February is an exciting month for us at Blue Bistro SG! We have started getting the unit ready for the cafe opening and if everything goes according to plan, our very first cafe should be opened by March 2016. Are you excited? We definitely are!

Now, let us talk about the weekly and seasonal menus at Blue Bistro SG.

Our Weekly Menu introduces a new item to the Dailies Menu on a weekly basis.  It’s a kind of reward for our loyal customers, something for them to look forward to every week.  It’s also to take advantage of the seasonal availability of vegetables/fruits in our markets.   If an item proves popular, we may extend its availability for a longer period, and perhaps even become part of the Dailies Menu.

Vegetarian tahu goreng
Vegetarian tahu goreng

The Malay dish “Tahu Goreng” (fried bean curd) is one dish we plan to introduce in the Weekly Menu.  Drawing ideas from the non-vegetarian version, fresh bean curd is air fried and immersed in thick satay peanut curry sauce, topped with sliced cucumbers.  It is absolutely sedap!

Our Seasonal Menu on the other hand is tied to the holidays and events celebrated in Singapore.  This is where we introduce and possibly create original menu items to celebrate the occasions.  Take Teachers’ Day for example.  In Singapore, it is celebrated with students giving presents or self-made gifts to their teachers.  At Blue Bistro SG, we plan to introduce cupcakes with fillings such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, caramel, matcha etc to mark the occasion.  Wouldn’t they make a nice and sweet gift for teachers?







We will announce updates on the Weekly and Seasonal Menu through our website and Facebook page. Do look out for them!  See you soon!