What’s cooking at Blue Bistro SG

Hi! Let us introduce the menu to be offered at Blue Bistro SG.   We will have 3 types of menu, namely the dailies, weekly and seasonal specials.

In all our cooking, we don’t use any meat, eggs, garlic, onion, chives, shallot and leek.  There is no MSG or any artificial flavouring in our dishes and we do not like to use excessive oil too.   The vegetarian products that we are using such as rendang, tuna, chicken, fish, ham etc are soya bean, mushroom or green bean based.  We do not use any gluten or product that contains eggs.   We strive for moderation in our cooking to achieve varied, delicious and yet healthy meals!

Our dailies menu is made up of rice, noodles and sandwiches set meals and as the name implies the cafe’s regular offerings.

We use the long, slender and aromatic white Basmati rice grain cooked in 3 different ways,  namely our signature blue rice, coconut rice (or nasi lemak) and fragrant rice.  Personally, we prefer basmati rice for its fluffy, soft and perfectly separated grain.  We are confident you would love it too!

Each rice meal is accompanied by its own set of sides.  Take our signature meal for instance, the Blue Rice set.   It is served with ribbon fish, okra and special sambal. Topped with grated coconut, chopped kaffir lime leaves and ginger flower bud and then finished with a freshly squeezed lime, the set meal is an assortment of smells and flavours that will entice and satisfy any taste bud.

Blue rice3

Next would be the nasi lemak.  Have you ever tried basmati rice cooked in coconut milk? We can assure you that it is definitely ‘sedap’ (delicious).   The nasi lemak set meal is served with rendang (dry curry), ikan bilis sambal and fresh cucumber at the side.

How about our third type of rice, the fragrant rice set?  It is basmati rice seasoned with sesame oil and other condiments.  The outcome is an aromatic rice that is just simply heaven; fragrant, not oily and perfect to savour.

Let’s move on to the noodles set meals.   There are 2 types of dried noodles meal, namely yellow wanton noodle and udon.  Both are served in a hot broth with bean sprouts and crispy chicken at the side.    They are light meals catering to those who prefer something lighter of course!

Dried wanton noodle

Last but not least, would be our sandwiches.  We offer a variety of fillings such as mutton rendang, tuna, cheese and ham together with fresh lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and pineapple slices in ciabatta bread.

You are sure to love our tuna sandwich!  Mixed with mayonnaise, the tuna sandwich is served with a slice of pineapple and lettuce.  Simple and yet so delicious!


At Blue Bistro SG, we have snacks to cater for those who like their tea breaks such as kaya toast, quiche and potato wedges.   Wait a minute! Did we just mention ‘kaya’ which traditionally is made with eggs, coconut milk and sugar? As we don’t use eggs in our cooking, what did we use as a substitute then?  Was it fake eggs or some artificial substance that is supposed to taste similar? Definitely not!

Kaya toast

Our kaya is a mix of fresh vegetables (can’t tell you more as they are secret), coconut milk and sugar that is blended and then double boiled to cook.  The kaya toast will be served with butter spread on traditional white bread.

Drop by and try our kaya toast! We will talk about the weekly and seasonal specials in our next update! Be seeing you soon! Have a Happy Chinese New Year!